Let there be light - and clean fresh air!

Lighting that's adaptive coupled with a cutting-edge healthy air quality system are the latest advances being utilized in our community

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Senior living communities should be the safest most comfortable places on the planet, and much of that comes down to the level of care provided and the amenities on offer - but it also depends on the proper implantation of technological advancements.

Our decision to implement Lumenant's Therapeutic Lighting and Air Quality Improvement System (AQi3) in our community is motivated by our insistence on providing the optimal environment for our residents - and staff.

Therapeutic Lighting

Lumenant's technologies create an environment that is fresh, safe, and natural. Lumenant's Therapeutic Lighting mimics natural light cycles, reinforcing residents' circadian rhythm. Residents are more likely to get a better night's sleep, feel more active during the day, experience reduced anxiety and improved moods. Some memory care residents even minimize their dependence on psychotropic and sleep medications.

When people sleep better, they feel better. Our Therapeutic Lighting helps restore natural cycles, so our residents and staff, can feel their best, naturally. Light color and intensity changes throughout the day to mimic natural light cycles. Our residents wake to a soft, warm glow to replicate sunrise. As the day progresses, the lighting gradually grows to brighter, whiter light - like the glow of the sun. The bright natural light encourages residents to feel more active and awake throughout the day. As day turns to evening, the lighting shifts again to replicate evening hues to naturally relax residents and wind down. And every light in the system is individually programed so that each resident can have their own preferred experience.


Lumenant's AQi3 System is the leading air quality improvement & monitoring technology because it creates cleaner air for healthier breathing and better living. The system reduces airborne pathogens like Corona Virus, Norovirus and influenza, and limits airborne allergens. Residents can breathe better, have freedom from preexisting symptoms, and enjoy their community to the fullest. Our goal is simple. We're working to create healthier, safer, more appealing spaces.

AQi3 is an Air Quality Improvement System, where bi-polar ionization, UV light, and advanced filtration technology is used to clean and purify the air safely. Interior air is often polluted with airborne allergens, pathogens, odors, and bacteria that standard filtration systems can't prevent from spreading. The systems we've installed neutralize and trap these harmful particles creating a fresher, healthier living space.

Our residents and staff are at lower risk for contracting and spreading airborne diseases and often experience improvement in preexisting respiratory conditions, allergy symptoms. They've also reported easier breathing, and higher energy levels.

Lumenant's system provides continual air quality through the use of on-site dashboards and remote monitoring in order to track the efficiency of each system to ensure that our community has the cleanest air and safest environment possible.

We are determined to provide our residents and staff with the optimum environment through the implantation of cutting-edge technology. It's a commitment we've demonstrated through our decision to utilize Therapeutic Lighting and AQi3 throughout our community. Our residents and staff deserve to live their best lives in safe and comfortable conditions. It's a lofty goal, but one that we're absolutely devoted to continuing to achieve.

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